Sephoria 2019

Working closely under the Art Director and Creative Director, I was able to join the team at Sephora to create graphics to be displayed through out the convention center. Graphics were based off of original illustrations by Jade Purple Brown, with complimentary illustrations created by myself and the team. 


The first photo op wall when entering the convention. Goal was to create something fun and light hearted while expressing the purpose of the show. 

Entrance Wall

N- 2019-sephoria-event-graphics-batch-6-

Chill Zone Wall

Photo op wall before entering the Chill Zone. I was able to create the typography for this piece. 

Lip Room


This was a long wall, that was accompanied by matching columns. The idea was to have a semi-psychedelic immersion of the lipstick room. Typography by Erin Anderson. 


Bar Wrap

Wrap around the bar counters. I was able to add a few unique graphics, while highly editing campaign graphics as well.


Sephora Favorites Menu

A double sided menu that had to display all of the items that were offered as well as the steps on how to get them. This was able to continue to be playful while giving a lot of information to the guests.


More functional than fun, this wall was created as a check-in wall. I was able to create a majority of these illustrations, with accent items from the campaign. 


Masterclass Theater Wall

Another functional wall, this was the check-in for the masterclasses. With this I was also able to create a majority of the illustrations with accents being from the campaign.

Press Backdrop


A backdrop for the press that combines the branding of Sephora with the playfulness of Sephoria.