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Campaign Design | Cotton Candy Carnival

Summer 2018, f'real released their popular Cotton Candy Milkshake. This year the challenge was to make something that has been a fan favorite, and make it fresh and fun. The team decided to call the flavor Cotton Candy Carnival in order to relieve the nostalgia of cotton candy. 


This allowed time to take advantage of nostalgia and I was able to create a cup that had a nod to the carnival and boardwalk, and my favorite part, a seamless rainbow design that is recognizable anywhere it is placed in the freezer. 


Promoting the Flavor

Since this was the first time that f'real launched one flavor with 3 colors, the focus on all of the flavor specific advertisement had 2 goals, whimsical fun and scavenger hunt. 

First 3 social ads to tease and announce the come back of a fan favorite.

To continue to emphasis the excitement around the fact that there are multiple colors, me and our copyrighter decided to create a quiz. This would be placed on our website, keeping people on our site longer. The quiz was all about bringing up the joys of summer experiences and finding out if you were "Dreamcatcher" Pink, "Nigh Owl" Purple, or "Thrill-seeker" Blue.



In addition to advertising the cotton candy flavor, there was also a sweepstakes happening for 2 months during the summer. This sweepstakes would bring the consumer to a landing page where they could upload their photo, and customize it with stickers, frames and filters.

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