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f'real foods campaigns


Senior Graphic Designer

Project Type

Print Design, Digital Design

Collection of digital and print designs for f'real foods. These campaigns are a mix of working closely with a Lead Designer and a copywriter, as well as working independently with the marketing team.

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Bingo & Shirts

A few more items that were given out during the sampling events were shirts, which extended the personality of the brand. As well as bingo cards, which the school stores had agreed would help with giving free milkshakes if they bought a row of flavors.

Counter Cards

These counter cards were created to display the new limited edition flavors that were being offered. These cards were made to be placed in various areas around the stores and next to the blenders.  

Portable Cart

In order to easily give samples at college campuses f'real needed an eye catching cart that was able to drive through the campus. This design was to focus on the excitement of the variety of flavors, yet be simple enough to understand what it is selling from a distance.


After giving out samples on campus everyone obviously needs a coupon to remember the brand. This was to be as bright and happy as the experience was during the sampling with a reminder of the variety of offerings.

College & University 

Cafe Menus

The request for these menus was to make something that would stand out against the black and wood aesthetic, yet still display the fun of milkshakes. The boards were made of metal, with magnetic flavor labels and prices so the employees could easily change according to supply.

Cafe Menu

The request for this menu was to create something that could be easily added next to an already existing menu board. This was a test to see how the milkshakes would do in an everyday cafe environment featuring only 3 iconic flavors; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

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